About Us

A Brief History of GCWS


GCWS has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2004. Our main purpose is to promote awareness and interest in water media painting with a focus on excellence in technique and materials, as well as encouraging and assisting water media painters to expand their skills and contacts in the arts.

GCWS furthers the interest of painters by sponsoring programs and competitive exhibits. We sponsor major workshops that are open to all who are interested in developing their watermedia painting skills. Programs presented at each of our regular monthly meetings are demonstrations by local artists or art-related presentations. We also have plein-air painting events at various locations.

GCWS members are from many walks of life. Some are practicing artists, some are practicing instructors, and some are beginning watercolor painters. We welcome painters of all skills levels who have a love of the art.

Green Country Watercolor Society meets at 9:30am

on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Starting time 9:30.
They are held at Pershing Studios
located at 1903 West Easton Street, Tulsa OK
(Exit 412 at Gilcrease Museum Road, east on W. Easton St,
North on N. Waco, enter the parking lot at the end of the block)

Annual dues for each calendar year are $35, and may be paid in cash or by check, at a meeting or by mail. Due to high costs for maintaining a credit card account, we are not set up to accept credit or debit cards.


To download and read the full GCWS bylaws:

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