What I’ll be teaching? Why do Brain Surgeons waste so much time looking at X-rays & MRI’s..?
Because they want to see how to best approach an operation… “before” cutting into a patient’s head! That’s precisely why I train artists in how to develop and refine the unique skills needed to create “Gray Studies” of any subject… “before” starting to paint. The finished results of your painting efforts will vastly improve… if you spend as little as 15-30 minutes studying your painting subject… and trying to replicate it’s main features & values in a Gray Study. This is NOT about creating monochromatic Black & white paintings using only one color. Rather… my “Gray Study’ procedures provide artists with a valuable and effective set of procedures that will allow you to test out your painting ideas very quickly. It is far better to make mistakes in a quick study… than in your finished painting after hours of work. In fact… learning how to create quick Gray Studies will mean far less mistakes in the finished artwork. At this next  Workshop next April… I will be again working with artists in the advanced imaging skills that allow you to create elegant and effective Gray Studies of any subject… and then take those subjects directly into full color.

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A couple peeks into Ken Hosmer’s wonderful 2012 workshop.